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«2000 Longevity Leaders by Regions: United States»

2000 Longevity Leaders by Regions: United States is part of Longevity.International’s 2000 Longevity Leaders Interactive IT-Platform, which aims to serve as the largest and most comprehensive interactive database of Longevity Industry professionals developed to date. The platform profiles 2000 public and private-sector professionals working to grow the Longevity landscape through their efforts in business, science, policy, philanthropy and thought-leadership, categorizing them by region and by their sector of focus. The 2000 Longevity Leaders interactive IT-platform was created by Aging Analytics Agency, using their sophisticated, multidimensional Longevity Industry analytical frameworks, as a pro-bono project at the request of Longevity.International. 2000 Longevity Leaders by Regions: United States includes detailed interactive profiles on 984 Longevity Industry professionals active within United States. The platform is in a continuous state of development, expansion and enhancement, and future iterations will include advanced filtering and search functions, an expanded scope of data visualization capabilities, and quantitative, multidimensional Longevity Leader rankings.

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