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«Top-100 Longevity Leaders»

This online interactive IT-platform identifies and categorizes 100 public and private-sector professionals working to grow the Longevity landscape through their efforts in business, science, policy and media outreach, and features infographics that classify these Longevity Leaders by industry, region, sector, and primary activity. It categorizes these 100 Leaders according to several core subcategories: Investors and Donors, Research and Academia, Entrepreneurs, Politics, Policy and Governance, and Media Influencers. These Leaders are additionally classified by the type of activity in which each spends the majority of their time and efforts: Entrepreneurship, Research and Academia, or Publicity. The platform emphasizes interactions, relations, and connections between the aforementioned Longevity Leaders, providing a more dynamic lens through which to view emerging trends and activities in this sphere. This platform enables complex interactions between industry entities and stakeholders to be visualized, filtered, searched and thus more easily understood. It is being continuously updated with real-time industry developments, and is in a constant state of expansion and refinement, with substantial additions planned on the next stage including automation of data aggregation and advanced statistical tools including machine learning and big data analysis to enable hidden insights, connections, trends and tangible, pragmatic answers to key strategic questions to be delivered under the weight of even larger amounts of data. The platform is open to qualified stakeholders and serves as a framework for industry optimization and cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration between companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and scientists. Its aim is to provide platform users with a clearer understanding of the types of private and public-sector professionals directing the rapidly rising Longevity industry as a whole, listing the top 100 individuals influencing the direction of the entire multifaceted industry, and measuring the leadership impact of each individual in their respective field. By gaining a greater understanding of where the Longevity Industry’s sources of influence lie, the platform helps to promote establishing efficient links between sectors in order to achieve a healthy and mature global Longevity Industry.

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