UK AgeTech Ecosystem

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«UK AgeTech Ecosystem» is a component of the AgeTech UK IT-Platform, developed by Aging Analytics Agency in Partnership with Biogerontology Research Foundation, which aims to serve as the most comprehensive landmark digital database and interactive IT-Platform that profiles and visualizes the entire AgeTech Ecosystem in the UK, designed to serve as a comprehensive database of the most relevant entities active within the UK AgeTech Industry including 500 companies, 600 investors, 100 funding governmental and non-governmental funding bodies, 75 R&D Hubs and 100 influencers, scientists and technologists.

The IT-Platform encompasses the full scope of technologies, innovations and practical applications within the UK AgeTech sphere, and classifies its constituent companies into 17 distinct industry subsectors including TeleCare, TeleHealth, Tech-enabled Care, Tech-enabled Home Care, Financial Independence, Sensory Aids, NeuroTech, SleepTech, Social and Communication Technologies, Mobility Tech, Delivery Tech, Smart Homes, Living Communities, Wellness & Fitness, Fall Prevention & Detection, Biomedicine and COVID-19.

The ultimate aim of the interactive database is to serve as an actionable tool to allow UK strategic decision makers, government departments and representatives, and both governmental and non-governmental funding bodies to acquire a more realistic and actionable understanding of the true breadth and depth of the UK AgeTech ecosystem, and to serve as an efficient tool to optimize strategic decision making, funding allocation, technology translation and industry development, maximizing social impact and leveraging the massive volume of existing AgeTech tools and solutions at the UK’s disposal to alleviate many pressing challenges and concerns of national importance.

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