Andreas Fisch

Pharmacist, PhD in immunology/molecular biology; over 15 years professional experience in people and project management. Principal activities include formulation and analytical development of biopharmaceuticals and NCEs in early and late development phase. Recognized for ease to manage complex projects. Broad and profound biomedical and pharmaceutical knowledge, high level of motivation.

Key achievements:
Establishment of parenteral Nanomedicine group (Novartis)
Reorganization of parenteral development processes (early and late phase) (Novartis)
Project leader in successful development and up-scaling of two GMP/FDA compliant production processes for modified biopolymers from laboratory (100L) to pilot (1000L) and production (10000L) scale (B.Braun)
Development of infusion solutions (e.g. Venofundin, Tetraspan) (B.Braun)
Transfer of production process of Gelofusin (succinylated gelatine) from B.Braun St. Gallen to B.Braun plants in Crissier (Switzerland) and Shenyang (China)
Country: Switzerland
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