Doron Melamed

Doron Melamed is Professor of Immunology at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

The broad focus of the Melamed lab is the elucidation of mechanisms regulating generation of B lymphocytes and controlling their fate decisions. Life and death decisions in B lineage cells primarily depend on antigen receptor signaling, which is integrated by cytoplasmic signaling pathways to mediate differentiation, proliferation or apoptosis. They have discovered that alteration of antigen receptor signaling modifies cell fate decisions and competence for developmental progression. They further found that cell fate decision has a major role in regulating cellular homeostasis of B lineage cells.

Current research in the lab explores:

Cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling generation and aging of B lineage cells in mouse models and in human.
microRNA-mediated mechanisms controlling apoptotic pathways in primary and transformed B cells.