Andras Dinnyes

Prof Andras Dinnyes has been working on embryology, cryobiology, cloning and stem cell biology since 1985. He has an MBA-level degree in management and many years of international experience in project and team management (he has coordinated a total of 12 FP7 projects), and creation of industrial spin-offs via his role as co-founder and director of BioTalentum Ltd. He is a professor at Szent Istvan University, Hungary and invited senior expert at Sechuan University, Chengdu, China. Prof Dinnyes has supervised 18 PhDs and 30 Postdoctoral researchers. He will be the main supervisor of ESR10 and co-supervisor of ESR4 & 12. BIOT will host secondments and provide training in industry for ESR 4, 12 & 14.