Mantas Matjusaitis

Mantas Matjusaitis has been interested in synthetic biology and ageing research for a good part of his academic career and when technical opportunity presented itself in late 2015, he moved forward and founded a company with an idea to use synthetic biology approaches to specifically target senescent cells. Mantas is currently a third year PhD student at MRC Centre of Regenerative Medicine (University of Edinburgh). As a branch president of Innovation Forum, he has successfully led a team of scientists to deliver on multiple projects and fundraising efforts, which led to Innovation Forum team being recognised by University with an award for Excellence In Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation. Mantas holds a BSc (First-class honours) in Biomedical Science from University of Sheffield with an award for an outstanding academic performance.

At CellAge, Mantas is responsible for overseeing R&D, fundraising and managing the team.