Marco Quarta

Following a Masters degree in Biotechnology, a PhD in Neuroscience, and post-doctoral training in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, he then led a team at Stanford University focused on translational medical research in the Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences. Previously, he did a post doc at Stanford with his mentor, Prof. Thomas Rando, a world leader in the field of Stem Cells and Aging Studies. Marco Quarta is authors of several scientific publications in top tier journals (such as Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Cell Stem Cell, Nature Communications), and he is an inventor on U.S. patents.

He co-founded an international biotech umbrella organization (Young European Biotech Network or YEBN) focused on international biotech academic and industrial policies, medical affairs and biotech project development. During his two-year-direction as chairman, the organization grew from 4 to 13 European Countries and several thousand individual members, turning the YEBN into a stakeholder at the EU Commission – Research and Science Affairs. He later joined the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) as an executive board member, leading international projects together with major players from academic and biotech/pharma industry such as VPs from Roche, Novartis and NovoNordisk.​

Quarta founded the biotech company “WetWare Concepts” (WWC), where he served as CEO and President. WWC is currently operating in Europe and USA, and is focused on biomedical devices for regenerative medicine. Quarta also co-founded the Longevity Biotech Company “Turn Bio” in California.

Quarta sits on the advisory board of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) – Calpoly Bridge program in regenerative medicine, and in the advisory and research advisory board at the Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI). He is also a member of the Paul F Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging Studies at Stanford University.

Quarta keeps fostering and championing high standards of compliance, ethics and patient safety in the development of innovative translational therapeutics, putting patients and society at the center of all actions.