Dr. Wenyu Zhou

Endlessly being amazed by the order and intricacy of life in its forms and interconnections, Wenyu enjoys research adventures and discoveries, leveraging her expertise in integrating different types of high-throughput data (next-generation sequencing based, mass spectrometry based and others) and implementing advanced statistical modelings.

​Wenyu published in Nature, Nature Medicine, Cell Stem Cell, Cell Systems, and others, and actively serves as a reviewer for a number of scientific journals in the genomics field. Wenyu had postdoctoral training with Dr. Michael Snyder at Stanford University, and received her PhD in Biology from the University of Washington at Seattle.

""Individuals are aging at different rates as well as potentially through different biological mechanisms, which provide the opportunities for individualized, targeted intervention"", says Wenyu Zhou.

Wenyu was a speaker at the 2020 Undoing Aging Conference event.