Mahyar Bordbar

Mahyar Bordbar is the AI Research Product Manager at Babylon Health. Additionally, Mahyar Bordbar was Head of Product at DigitalGenius.

As Product Manager within the AI Research team, he has the goal of enabling the team to deliver value-driven research, strategic planning and managing projects / prototype development, and communicating the latest AI research internally and externally. The team focuses on several areas of research including: Bayesian Inference & Counterfactuals, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision and Real-world Evidence.

Some of his responsibilities in the company are:

• Devising Babylon’s 2020 AI strategy in collaboration with the executive leadership
• Managing the AI ​​Research roadmap and liaising with stakeholders across the company to ensure delivery of optimal value to the company’s products, services and vision.
• The company’s go-to person for explaining AI research projects, timelines, and updates. And the AI ​​Research's go-to person to find out the latest company updates.
• Communicating Babylon’s AI vision externally and internally by taking part in public speaking opportunities and presentations.
• Devising new processes to prioritize and track the research backlog and creating a collaborative culture for the researchers and engineers
• Writing AI research proposals to define objectives, methodologies, outcomes, timelines, risks and dependencies for each new project
• Engaging with potential partners and companies such as those that provide complementary AI technologies or research
• Managing the delivery of AI prototypes, including setting out to resolve blockers (such as data) and being hands-on with the UX / UI design of the prototype

Mahyar was a speaker at the AI for Longevity Summit 2019.