Gareth Nicholson

Gareth Nicholson is Non Executive Director and Board Member BoS International SICAV at Bank of Singapore, Asia´s Global Private Bank. BoS International ("BOSI") SICAV is an addition to Bank of Singapore's Discretionary Portfolio Management offering, opening doors to many relationships. "BOSI" is a multi-billion dollar umbrella based in Luxemburg. He also served as Head of Fixed Income at Bank of Singapore, working with experienced team of Senior Portfolio Managers creating and managing top tier products for Bank of Singapore clients. Gareth is Co-Founder, Longevity & Mobility Pioneer at #HealthOnlyRealWealth, a platform of people all with the same passion for creating a longer, healthier and happier life. They consist of longevity and mobility pioneers, adventures, investors, fundraisers, nutritionists, body and mind coaches and AI specialists in health scientists.