Betsy Barnes

Dr. Barnes’ laboratory studies a family of transcription factors – interferon (IFN) regulatory factors (IRFs) – that regulate immune cell signaling and the cellular response to extracellular stressors. She was the first to clone the family member IRF5 and show that it is an integral regulator of type I IFN gene expression. Later studies demonstrated its significant role(s) in mediating Toll-like receptor signaling, DNA damage signaling and death receptor signaling. Her lab is thus interested in understanding the role of IRF5 as an immune regulator and a tumor suppressor.

Dr. Barnes has mentored many successful PhD and MD/PhD students that have gone on to have successful careers in science. She travels both nationally and internationally to deliver lectures on inflammation, immunity, tumor-immunity and autoimmune disease. She is a well-funded researcher who has established numerous collaborations with the Pharmaceutical Industry in the hopes of developing new therapeutic options for patients with autoimmune disease and cancer.
Country: USA
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