Paul Laikind

In 2012 I joined ViaCyte Inc., a leading regenerative medicine company, as President and CEO. At the time I joined, ViaCyte was an early stage, preclinical company focused on pioneering the field of stem cell-derived regenerative cell therapy. The Company's approach held the promise of a functional cure for type 1 diabetes.

During my tenure with ViaCyte, up until my recent decision to retire, a great deal was accomplished. Under my guidance, the ViaCyte team put two products into the clinic, with a third soon to follow, demonstrated the effectiveness of our replacement cells in patients, acquired the assets of our closest competitor (JNJ's BetaLogics Division), secured the support of patient advocacy group, established collaborations with leading companies, developed a portfolio of over 700 patents and established a new manufacturing facility capable of taking the company to commercialization
Country: USA
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