Gabriel Barbash

Prof. Gabriel Barbash is a graduate of the Hadassah Medical School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is board certified in Internal Medicine, Medical Management, and Occupational Medicine. He holds a master’s degree in public health (MPH) from Harvard’s School of Public Health. He was Israel’s national coordinator and principal investigator for numerous multi-center cardiology studies (1989-2000). From 1996-1999 he served as the Director General of the Ministry of Health where he introduced several programs that had critical and lasting impact upon the Israeli healthcare system. One program served to control tuberculosis after a surge of new cases occurred with the arrival of a large number of immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. He orchestrated all four HMOs to cooperate in controlling the re-emergence of this disease. The second was the introduction of nationwide mammography screening for women over 50 years of age which is still ongoing. Prof. Barbash served as the chairman of the Israeli National Transplant Center (1998-2000), and reorganized the system of organ harvesting in Israel, doubling the number of organ transplantations in Israel. He was a Visiting Professor at Columbia University (2008-2012) and led a research project with the Agency of Health Quality Research Agency (AHRQ) of the US HHS department on the diffusion of medical technologies with specific focus on the diffusion of robot-assisted surgery in the US. He served as the CEO of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (1993-2015). In January 2017, Dr. Barbash founded Consilium Ltd, a new concept-service providing top doctors, quality medical case-management, for complex medical situations.