Paul Freemont

Paul Freemont is UK Dementia Research Institute (DRI) Group Leader. An internationally renowned researcher, Prof Paul Freemont uses structural and synthetic biology tools to investigate molecular mechanisms and detection of disease.

Prof Paul Freemont is developing state-of-the-art biological sensing devices encoded entirely by synthetic DNA, which are set to transform the care of people with dementia. He is aiming to create simple, cheap tests that can detect infections and offer exciting new opportunities to improve the early diagnosis and monitoring of a person’s disease. The researchers are also developing ways to use biosensors to detect subtle changes to molecules in blood. Their goal is to create a system that can reliably diagnose dementia early when interventions may be most effective – or to monitor the progression of disease. Developing low-cost simple tests could lead to the implementation of new screening programmes in the future. Paul Freemont has developed a coronavirus testing robotic platform for significantly increase UK testing capacity. This robotic testing platform developed in just nine days by UK DRI researchers could substantially increase the UK’s capacity to test people for coronavirus.