Guillerme Colares

Guillerme Colares works at Grupo Pardini. The Hermes Pardini Group is dedicated to Analysis, Diagnostic Imaging, Support Laboratory Support, Cryopreservation, Genetics, Cytogenetics, Vaccination, preventive medicine and Personalized Medicine in Genomics. It is one of the largest in this segment in the country. In addition to maintaining direct customer service, they provide laboratory support and expert advice to healthcare companies such as laboratories, clinics and hospitals throughout Brazil. Currently, the Group positions itself as business support for its partners. Always looking for innovative solutions, we provide our know-how in diagnostic medicine to assist in the implementation, optimization and standardization of care processes, pre-analytical and analytical. Today, Hermes Pardini offers more than 3,000 exam types and performs more than 6 million tests per month at six Operational Technical Centers located in Vespasiano (MG - one of the largest in Latin America), Sao Paulo (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Goiânia (GO).
Country: Brazil