Janet M. Lord

Janet’s research focuses on the innate immune system, the body’s front line defense against infection, and how the efficiency of this system is affected by ageing and stress, the latter including physical trauma and emotional stress such as bereavement.
She is also interested in how the ageing of the immune system predisposes adults to chronic inflammatory diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and COPD and the muscle wasting associated with age and these conditions.
She researches the link between chronic systemic inflammation and physical frailty in old age and has published papers showing that much of the increased systemic inflammation and sarcopenia associated with ageing can be prevented by high levels of physical activity in adulthood.
In all of her work she aims to translate research findings into interventions, whether lifestyle (exercise, diet) or pharmacological, to improve immunity and health in old age. Professor Lord is also a leading member of the NIHR SRMRC, researching the impact of major trauma on the immune system and how this differs with age. Janet has published over 175 research papers and reviews in the fields of immune senescence, chronic inflammatory disease and neuroendocrineimmune biology. Her research is currently funded by grants from MRC, Arthritis Research UK, NIHR, The Healing Foundation, the European Commission and the Glenn Foundation.