Michael Rae

Sectors: Longevity Legends, Media and Publicity.

Michael Rae is the co-author of Ending Aging and is one of Dr Aubrey de Grey's research assistants at SENS.

Michael was also a member of the Society's Board for several years. Michael is heavily steeped in the science of CR, as well as the broader field of aging research. He is also Science Writer at SENS Research Foundation, a biomedical charity developing a new class of therapies to remove and repair the cellular and molecular damage of aging. To further the Society's mission of supporting the science and practice of human CR, Michael will be coordinating with researchers to help promote, initiate, and advance this new science.

Michael Rae is the author of five scientific articles and commentaries in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Much of his work has been devoted to elucidating the SENS platform for anti-aging biomedicine for a popular audience. His undergraduate minor was in biology. He is a long-time member and one-time Board Member of the Calorie Restriction Society, a main contributor to the Society’s “How-to Guide”, and was core scientific investigator with the CR Society Cohort Study.