Rachel Horta

Founded and led one of the main Artificial Intelligence startups in Brazil - Hekima - sold to iFood in 2019.
As a science and technology serial entrepreneur, had the opportunity to create and expand various businesses such as the largest network of fertility clinics in Brazil (Huntington | Pró-Criar), sold in 2017 to the largest fertility group in the world - EUGIN. Passionate about technology and innovation. After years of working as an entrepreneur, advisor and investor in health and technology funds, Rachel understood that she had an even greater mission: to empower, support and accelerate women to help them become protagonists and transforming agents in their own lives. Investing and accelerating businesses founded and led by women has become an even stronger purpose, with special attention to FemTech. Firmly believes in the ability of women to create and develop highly scalable and profitable businesses without ever leaving aside their commitment to ethics, truth and the promotion of common well-being.