Hadis Nazari

CEO & Co-Founder at HAAMI Digital Consultancy, the first Digital Transformation Consultancy in Iran, which is built upon the knowledge and experience of business & Digital transformation consultants, as well as expert teams in the field of new technologies in the world. HAAMI TECH departments include specialized teams of AI, Data-Driven marketing, Data analysis, Femtech, Fintech, Insurtech, IIoT & IoT, smart city, AR/VR. Gamification, HealthTech, and blockchain.

Hadis is one of the women who always strives to help other women in the world and helps women in various companies and organizations to become more empowered. She works hard for the social welfare and independence of women in the field of technology and health in Iran. So far, she has supervised more than 350 teenage girls and young women under the auspices of the company's empowerment center to be trained in specialized academies. She is one of the most effective women in Iran who tries to make the world a better place for women and children.