Zvi Lanir

Dr. Zvi Lanir is the founder of Praxis, a strategic boutique firm founded by him in 1994 to provide individuals, groups and organizations with reframing methods, tools and services, thus empowering them in creating new innovative ideas and strategies. Praxis was formed on the basis of Dr. Lanir’s theory of Fundamental Surprise - surprises that occur not due to deficiencies in information but because of a mindset that turned out to be irrelevant to interpreting and coping with fundamental and disruptive changes. Praxis is devoted to assisting individuals, groups and various types of organizations in the process of reframing in order to maintain relevant mindsets and strategies in face of fundamental disruptive changes, that occur today at an unprecedented rate.

In recent years, Dr. Lanir’s activities have been strongly involved with advancing and empowering older persons. He is the author of the book and education programs entitled “The Period of Wisdom” (Et Hatvuna). In 2018, he was awarded The Gideon Ben-Israel Prize of the Pensioners' Union for “the most important contribution to advancing the issue of senior citizens”.