Doron Garfinkel

Dr. Doron Garfinkel is a specialist in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. He spent two years as a research fellow in clinical pharmacology at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. He is also certified in Palliative Medicine, and received his postgraduate accreditation from the Sackler School of Medicine at the University of Tel Aviv.

Currently Dr. Garfinkel is on a sabbatical from his position as Head of the Department of Geriatrics and Palliative Care at the Shoham Geriatric Medical Center in Pardes Hanna, Israel. He serves as a consultant to a number of Health Funds (Kupot Holim) in Israel. He also provides private consultation services for Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, with an emphasis on assisting senior citizens assess the appropriateness of their medication regimen. Dr. Garfinkel serves as an approved physician for providing second opinions for one of Israel’s largest Health Funds, and in his capacity as a psycho-geriatrician, is authorized to provide medical documents for the judiciary, guardianship issues, social insurance claims, power of attorney issues, etc. He pioneered a method for the evaluation of the effects of multiple drug treatments and reducing polypharmacy effects in the elderly.