Paul Keith Potter

Diseases associated with ageing pose an increasing social and financial burden on society and represent a vital imperative for biomedical research. We are undertaking the first large-scale project to investigate the interaction between genetic variation and the pleiotropic effects of ageing. The emphasis will be on the exploration of the phenotype space in ageing mouse mutant populations providing us with the opportunity to: identify genes and pathways involved in age related disease.
MRC Harwell, Mammalian Genetics Unit Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, Position: Group Leader (2010- present)
MRC Harwell, Mary Lyon Centre Oxford, United Kingdom, Position: Head of Mutagenesis (Nov 2007 - Sep 2010)
MRC Harwell, Mary Lyon Centre Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, Position: Deputy Scientific Manager (Nov 2006 - Oct 2007)
Imperial College London, Department of Medicine London, United Kingdom, Position:Research Associate (Oct 1999 - Oct 2006)