Lucy Askew

Date of birth: 8 September 1883
Date of death: 9 December 1997
Lifetime Duration: 114 Years, 92 Days

Lucy Jane Askew (8 September 1883 – 9 December 1997) was a British supercentenarian.

Askew was born in Loughton, Essex, to parents Arthur George Askew and Susan Elizabeth Askew (née Ellis), who were prosperous landowners. Lucy had five other siblings, all of whom she outlived, although one of them (her younger brother Frank) also lived past 100. Askew never married and was a devout Christian. Askew moved into a nursing home when she was 106 and survived a leg operation at 108. She was in good health until shortly before her death when she died peacefully in her sleep. She attributed her longevity to a modest lifestyle. Askew was the last person documented to have been born in 1883.
Country: United Kingdom