Ida Keeling

Date of birth: 15 May 1915
Age as of 27 August 2019: 104 years, 104 days

Ida Keeling is an Caribbean American centenarian track and field athlete. Trained by her daughter Cheryl (Shelley) Keeling, herself a World Record holder, Ida holds Masters records in 60 meter and 100 meter distances for women in the 95-99 and 100-plus age groups. Her story was featured in a segment in the Carl Reiner-hosted documentary If You're Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast, on aging over 90, which premiered on HBO in June 2017. She goes whatever distance she can and if she start a race, Ida finish it. She is always the winner for her age group as she doesn’t have no competition. I’m usually chasing myself. But I go with what I’ve got left. I go to the gym, I ride my bike, I work out, I stretch, I reach, I do push-ups, I do upper weights, I get on the floor and turn my feet up over my head, and when I don’t get out, I stay right here and work out in my room. I’m as healthy as a 25-year-old, my doctor says. I have no intention of slowing down. Age ain’t got nothing to do with it. When you really want to do something for yourself, go and do it. And if you fail, try, try, try again.
Country: USA