Jessie Lichauco

Date of birth: 10 January 1912
Age as of 27 August 2019: 107 years, 248 days

Lichauco joined the Asociación de Damas de Filipinas and devoted time to Settlement House, which was run by the Asociación. Together with her husband, she opened their temporary shelter in Santa Ana to war refugees, transforming it into a makeshift hospital during World War II. The facility served at least 2,000 people. After the war, she continued her devotion towards Settlement House and became its president for nine years. Lichauco is also one of the founders of the Red Feather Agency, later known as Community Chest, which raises funds for member charities. Lichuaco also supported about 100 youth in completing their education in her own capacity. Jessie Lichuaco served as the Ambassador's hostess, representing the Philippines in international organizations and events. The Ambassador's residence in Palace Green was open to Filipino businesspeople, students, workers, and tourists. Later she opened her house in Massachusetts to Filipino scholars and students needing a place to stay. Lichauco was the subject of the documentary film Curiosity, Adventure, & Love, in which she portrayed herself. The film includes her migration to the Philippines, the meeting with her husband, Philippine history from her perspective, and her insights on the Filipino people during World War II.
Country: USA