Josefa Santos Gonzalez

Date of birth: 7 September 1906
Age as of 27 August 2019: 112 years, 354 days

Josefa Santos Gonzalez was born in Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain on 7 September 1906. In 1932, she married a man named Ramon and had five children with him.

In her later years, Josefa moved to Madrid in order to be closer to her family. When she was 102, she broke her hip, and broke her femur aged 109. Her recovery from these incidents amazed her doctors. At the time of her 110th birthday in 2016, along with her five children, she had 15 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren. She celebrated her 111th birthday in 2017 in her care home with relatives from as far afield as Germany.
Country: Spain