Ekaterina Batzoglou

Ekaterina Batzoglou is a Vice President of Business Development at Deep Knowledge Ventures and Aging Analytics Agency, supervising activities in the United States. She is an experienced corporate attorney licensed to practice law in California and New York, with an extensive sales and marketing background. Kate built a market position by successfully developing business relationships, producing extensive analytics and efficiently closing transactions in San Francisco’s ultra-competitive real estate market. At the beginning of her career, Kate was involved with international litigation when she worked for a former Pennsylvania state senator.

As a corporate attorney, Kate worked with several Fortune 500 clients. Compelled by the paradigm-shifting advances in science and technology in the fields of aging and Longevity, Kate enthusiastically joined Deep Knowledge Ventures and Aging Analytics Agency. Kate served as a Managing Editor for Longevity Industry in California: Landscape Overview 2019 report.
Country: USA