Adelaida Palla

The focus of her PhD studies was to gain a new focus on the core pluripotency factor NANOG, and extend its function to adult tissues and cancer. Experience with: Mouse models, human/mouse reprogramming, retrovirus/lentivirus transfection, primary culture/extraction of keratinocytes, mouse carcinogenesis assays, qRT-PCR, immunoblots, immunofluorescence, cloning, flow cytometry.

Earlier, she was involved in determining the interaction between two important pathways involved in polar cell planarity (PCP) during early development, the atypical cadherin Dachsous (Ds)/Fat(Ft) pathway and the Frizzled (Fz)/PCP pathway. Specifically she cloned the vectors necessary to carry out a yeast-2-hybrid assay using as bait several well-defined PCP genes in Drosophila, to be able to identify novel candidates that might be common components of Ds/Ft pathway, as well as finding their orthologues in mice by using a mouse cDNA library as a target.
Country: USA