Irina Conboy

Sectors: Longevity Legends, Research and Academia.

Dr. Conboy received her Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Immunology from Stanford University in 1998. Dr. Conboy is an assistant professor of bioengineering at UCB, and she joined the department in November of 2004. Her research is focused on the cellular signaling pathways that control the behavior of adult stem cells and understanding the age-related changes that affect this signaling. She is also an experienced rodent researcher and pioneered some of the early parabiosis research examining the role of signaling factors in aging and tissue regeneration.

Since 2005, she has been a faculty mentor for the UC Berkeley chapter of the Student Society for Stem Cell Research and a sponsor of the DeCal class Stem Cells: Science and Society. She is also a reviewer for the CIRM training grant program at UC Berkeley and a member of the peer review committee for the state of Maryland’s stem cell initiative, an invited peer reviewer for the Neurogenesis and Cell Fate Study Section at the NIH, and a reviewer for the Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging. Irina Conboy received the CIRM New Faculty Award in 2008, the Glenn Award for Research in Biological Mechanisms of Aging in 2008, and the New Scholar in Aging award from Ellison’s Medical Foundation in 2005.