Shift BioScience Company

Shift Bioscience is developing small molecules with the potential to reverse aging and increase healthy lifespan. As we get older, the functioning of cells and tissues declines in a non-linear manner. This is accompanied by abrupt changes in bioenergetic, epigenetic and transcriptional state. At Shift Bioscience we seek to reinstate cellular functional states that support us in earlier life. We target stressors and pathways linked to the abrupt bioenergetic, epigenetic and transcriptional state changes observed in aging cells and tissues. We seek to modulate these changes with small molecules, guided by powerful technologies including the epigenetic aging clock. In pre-clinical studies we have confirmed the ability of SB200 – our lead candidate therapeutic molecule – to reverse mitochondrial dysfunction in fibroblasts sourced from a variety of donors. The first clinical application of our therapeutic will be rare mitochondrial diseases, including MELAS, MERRF and NARP. Beyond this, we are also exploring its use as a therapeutic for other age-related diseases.
Industry: Small&Large Molecules
Headquarters: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United States
Founded Date: 2020

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