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Agora Services offers financial institutions a robust and customizable cloud-based offering that enables banking customers to utilize and manage accounts in real-time. Community banks and credit unions leveraging Agora Services’ product offerings accelerate their digital experience without replacing their core banking system while they improve the user experience and create opportunities to increase deposits and revenues. Agora Services’ product lines are built to attract specific audiences that sit outside of the traditional banking customer. For instance, the three product sets built offer a customized banking experience for teens and their parents, gig economy worker, contractor or individuals outside of the traditional working circumstances, and elderly accounts. The parent and teen account offering provide parents access and oversight to a separate account offered to their teens that give the teen financial freedom but allows the parents oversight into the account. Through this product offering, teens can have a virtual or physical card, p2p payments offering and for the parent an easier way to pay allowance or loan money with insight into the transactions and parameters of the teen’s banking experience. For gig economy workers, contractors and individuals who do not have the typical type of work, Agora Services offers a banking experience that provides offerings like virtual onboarding, physical and digital cards as well as transaction oversight for an easier way to manage their unique business. The elderly and their caretakers often struggle when it comes to finances to make sure there are adequate funds, ensuring the transactions are legitimate and that they have what they need to complete a payment. This is where Agora Services comes in to play. Through this product line, Agora offers both account holder and either family or caretaker access to the account to ensure banking and transactional needs are fulfilled as well as the ability to stop any potential fraud that could be detrimental. Through Agora Services, financial institutions can implement solutions that ensure the customer and their unique banking needs are met.
Technology: NeuroTech
Industry: Banking, Debit Cards, FinTech, Mobile Payments, Payments, Personal Finance
Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Founded Date: 2018-04-12
Employees Number: 11-50
Total Funding: $9.4M
Estimated Revenue: $1M to $10M
Last Funding Type: Series B

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