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Isobar Compression manufactures compression garmets to treat chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) conditions, for sports recovery and to prevent deep vein thrombosis. It provides improved blood return through graduated, exact pressure, and are fitted exactly to limb shape and size. Isobar Compression uses unique technology in its exact-fit compression socks to significantly reduce the risk of DVT in frequent and long-haul flyers. Precisely-fitted compression socks almost entirely eliminate the risk of DVT. By using a 3D scan of both legs, we produce garments that are stitched to an exact fit - making them more effective and comfortable. Isobar compression was developed by a research team at Manchester University, led by Professor of Surgery Charles McCollum, a leading vascular surgeon. They are vastly more effective than off-the-shelf compression, as without a bespoke fit, the pressure delivered by the garment is essentially unknown. Isobar's technology is unique in that it can deliver a bespoke fit as well as accurate, precise pressure. Companies are turning to Isobar Compression to mitigate against the risk of DVT and pulmonary embolism (PE) for businessmen and women who travel frequently. Isobar garments also deliver for elite and amateur athletes. 57 British Olympic medals were won at the last Olympics by athletes using Isobar for post-exercise recovery - with research proving compression reduces muscle soreness after training or competition.
Industry: Commerce and Shopping, Health Care, Sports
Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom
Founded Date: 2011-01-01
Employees Number: 11-50
Investors Number: 2
Total Funding: €50K
Last Funding Type: Grant

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