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Regenerative Sciences Institute (RSI) is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is developing the regenerative and synthetic bio-technologies necessary to alleviate the infirmities and diseases of aging. How? By creating the tools to program living systems as we program computers. By transforming research into inventions, and then entrepreneurial ventures. RSI is helping to define the emerging discipline of Regenerative Biology by fostering scientific cooperation and creating a unique environment where innovative minds can do original research with the goal of defeating aging by enhancing regenerative processes. We have been involved in research centered on Synthetic Biology, before the field was defined by engineering complex biological systems that act digitally. We are now involved in developing Synthetic Biology technology compatible with our goals of alleviating diseases of aging through regeneration. Not only do we bring together leading researchers in Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology with workers creating cutting-edge technologies, but we also are creating an educational/research environment where original thinkers such as young people or innovative older scientists starved for funding, can “think outside the box” and pursue exciting work that would be unlikely to be funded by conventional means.
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Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA, US
Founded Date: undisclosed
Employees Number: undisclosed
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