TransTime Company

TransTime is one of four cryonics operations in the U.S., and it was once thought proximity to Silicon Valley would make it the most popular.
A competitor in Arizona, the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, has 1,339 people either frozen or signed up for the service and revenues close to $2 million, according to its most recent filings. Transtime says it has has three people in its care after 40 years of operation. One of them is the company’s founder, Paul Segall, whose fortune continues to fund TransRime’s operations.
TransTime was founded to help prepare for a future in which "cryonics itself moves toward a fully reversible procedure”. They seek to do their best to save the lives of those with the foresight to take advantage of the future of medicine today.
Technology: Regenerative medicine
Industry: Regenerative Medicine
Headquarters: San Francisco
Founded Date: 1972
Employees Number: Undisclosed
Funding Status: undisclosed

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