MyBrainSolutions Company

MyBrainSolutions applies clinically validated brain assessment and brain training to improve behavioral health outcomes via SaaS products that leverage a large standardized brain database to decrease stress
San Francisco based: Founded in 2000 by neuroscientist Dr. Evian Gordon, MD, PhD.
Creators of a neuroscientific consensus with 200+ institutions globally. The brain has 12 core capacities that can be measured and therefore optimized:
Emotion: Awareness, Non-Conscious Bias, Default Mode
Feeling: Anxiety, Stress, Depressive Mood Controls
Cognition: Memory, Focus, Planning
Self Control: Social Connectivity, Resilience, Conscious Bias
Technology: AgeTech - brain training
Industry: AgeTech
Headquarters: San Francisco
Founded Date: 2009
Employees Number: 87
Funding Status: undisclosed

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