Brain Resource Company

Leveraging neuroscience from the west and ancient wisdom from the east, Total Brain helps you understand and train all brain capacities so that you can realize your inner power.
San Francisco based: Founded in 2000 by neuroscientist Dr. Evian Gordon, MD, PhD.
Creators of a neuroscientific consensus with 200+ institutions globally. The brain has 12 core capacities that can be measured and therefore optimized:
Emotion: Awareness, Non-Conscious Bias, Default Mode
Feeling: Anxiety, Stress, Depressive Mood Controls
Cognition: Memory, Focus, Planning
Self Control: Social Connectivity, Resilience, Conscious Bias
$40M of R&D created scientifically validated digital tools to optimize all 12 capacities and screen for 7 common mental conditions. Powered by the world’s largest standardized neuroscientific database.
Driving significant ROI through decreased presenteeism and mental health claims
Technology: AgeTech - brain training
Industry: AgeTech
Headquarters: San Francisco
Founded Date: 2000
Employees Number: 1-10
Funding Status: IPO

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