Arigos Biomedical Company

Thousands of people die each year for lack of an organ transplant. Tens of thousands of organs are discarded for reasons that include the absence of a suitable match or distance from the recipient. The problem is that organs are viable for mere hours once harvested for transplant. Long-term banking is only available for very small samples like embryos. We need similarly stable banking for larger tissue structures and organs.
Being able to bank those abandoned organs could more than double the number of transplants performed each year and would eliminate of five of the current organ waiting lists within a few years. At Arigos, we are developing a technology to do just that. Long-term storage for organs is now an achievable goal.
Technology: Regenerative Medicine - other
Industry: Regenerative Medicine
Headquarters: Santa Clara
Founded Date: 2011
Employees Number: Undisclosed
Funding Status: Undisclosed

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