IatroQuest Corporation company

IatroQuest Corporation's breakthrough, patent-pending biosensing platform technology called Bio-Alloy™, is made possible by the convergence of nanotechnology, advanced semi-conductor materials, biotechnology and photonics. This Bio-Alloy platform will allow a wide range of product lines covering many market segments: from Biosensing Cartridges for the biodefense industry and high-density microarrays for drug discovery applications to Point-of-Care diagnostics and environmental monitoring. The unique attributes of Bio-Alloy™ enable it to detect and identify in real-time a wide range of biological agents, as well as specific small chemical molecules, with a high degree of sensitivity and selectivity.
Technology: NeuroTech
Industry: Biotechnology, Health Care, Science and Engineering
Headquarters: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Founded Date: 1998-01-01

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