Microba Company

Microba, a microbial genomics company originating from technology developed at the University of Queensland, has quickly established, itself as a world leader in analysis of the gut microbiome. With a growing body of global research indicating that the gut microbiome plays a central role in health and disease, Microba has positioned itself to be a leading force in the development of new pathology services, therapeutics and diagnostics. The Microba Insight™ Sampling kit offers the public access to cutting edge technology to analyse their personal gut microbiome. Using one of the most advanced sequencing technologies, Microba empowers consumers to gain a deeper understanding of their personal microbiome including the bacteria, archaea, fungi, and protists at the species level. Individuals receive a detailed overview of the microorganisms inhabiting their gut and what they might be doing, which can provide insight into overall gut health. Personalised dietary suggestions to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria is also included. Microba Insight™ is the only test in Australia that provides consumers with the whole picture. While other services use 16S rRNA testing, which only sequences a small part of a single bacterial gene, Microba uses metagenomics, which sequences all the genes from the microorganisms in a sample. Microba’s co-founders, Professors Phil Hugenholtz and Gene Tyson, are two of the world’s leading experts in microbiome analysis. They have pioneered many of the analysis methods used and published some of the highest impacting papers in the field.
Technology: Genetics/Genomics
Industry: P4 Medicine
Headquarters: Others
Founded Date: 2017-03-01
Employees Number: 11-50
Investors Number: 2
Total Funding: $9.8M
Estimated Revenue: Less than $1M
Last Funding Type: Corporate Round

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